Upstream protein production engineering
ProteoNic services are offered in support of 2G UNic™ implementation or as general recombinant protein expression expertise for a wide range of commercially relevant platforms used in the biopharmaceutical market. ProteoNic has a broad experience and is an expert in vector design built on its leading expertise in optimizing translation of messenger RNA (more protein per mRNA) for various organisms. Services include:

  • Expression construct design and cloning
  • Stable pool generation and production
  • Cell line generation
  • Scale up and process development
  • Implementation of 2G UNic™ expression technology – technology transfer

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Cell line generation and CRO services

Aragen Bioscience, Inc. has a license to our 2G UNic™ technology allowing them to execute cell line generation projects for third parties as well as small batch production runs including transient work. Please feel free to contact them directly for more information.