ProteoNic offers technology and services to increase pharmaceutical recombinant protein production yields. Its proprietary 2G UNic™ technology toolbox enables generation of high yielding production systems across different industry relevant platforms (all CHO cells, al selection systems). ProteoNic provides its technology under license and offers vector construction and cell line development on a fee for services basis.

2G UNic™ is complementary to existing production technologies including improved promotors, vectors and other transcriptional approaches. Additional yield enhancement improves economics for antibodies and other biopharmaceutical proteins. This can for example make the difference in pursuing targets that otherwise would be discarded due to insufficient yields, and speed up development with significant cost savings.

2G UNic™ elements can be incorporated in expression vectors of your choice to improve those vectors. Alternatively, optimized 2G UNic™ vectors can be provided and used as the basis for your process. Furthermore, clients can evaluate 2G UNic™ in house or have ProteoNic generate 2G UNic™ containing cell lines under an outsourcing fee for service contract.

For more information on evaluation terms and commercial licenses or cell line development services, please contact us.