ProteoNic has relocated its headquarters

ProteoNic has relocated its headquarters, expanding its facilities at the Leiden Bio Science Park, the Netherlands.

As of March 20th, 2013 the company’s contact details are:

The Netherlands
J.H. Oortweg 19-21
2333 CH Leiden
The Netherlands
t: +31 (0)71 332 27 27
f: +31 (0)71 332 27 37
240 Nevada Street, Suite A
Newton, MA 02460
t: +1 617 916 5238

ProteoNic is a biotechnology company offering products and services for improving recombinant protein production levels for a range of eukaryotic production platforms (mammalian, yeast, insect, plant and expression hosts). The company’s proprietary UNic™ technology is used to enhance the translation of messenger RNA (mRNA) resulting in more protein per mRNA. This leads to significantly higher yields and greater manufacturing flexibility, with lower production costs. ProteoNic’s main markets are the biopharmaceutical protein and industrial enzyme production sectors.
ProteoNic offers contract services for expression vector construction and cell line or strain development in support of the implementation of UNic™ technology. The UNic™ technology toolbox products are provided under license agreement.

ProteoNic is winner of the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award.