ProteoNic becomes member of the Kluyver Centre Industrial Platform

Leiden/Delft, 3 May 2011 – Dutch Life Sciences Company ProteoNic B.V. has joined the Industrial Platform of the Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation. Through this membership ProteoNic obtains early access to fundamental research carried out within the Kluyver Centre.

ProteoNic offers specialized products and services to enhance recombinant protein production. Its UNic™ technology tool box includes proprietary Translation Enhancement Elements, designated UNic-FTee™ and UNic-YTee™. This technology enhances the industrial production of enzymes in fungal and yeast host systems. Reduction of costs of goods by improving production yields is pivotal to remaining competitive in the industrial enzymes market.

The Kluyver Centre Industrial Platform links academic and industrial partners in the area of industrial fermentation. As a member of this consortium ProteoNic gains access to cutting edge research into the fundamentals of fermentation relevant to today’s industrial production challenges. This privilege will enable ProteoNic to anticipate future requirements in enzyme production. Other members of the Industrial Platform include DSM, Danone, Chr. Hansen and Heineken.
ProteoNic´s contribution lies in its leading expertise in the field of mRNA usage, which requires in depth understanding of each individual step in the expression pathway and their influence on transcription, translation and final recombinant protein product yield.

Raymond Verhaert, CSO at ProteoNic comments: “The Kluyver Centre is renowned for its research and achievements in the field of industrial biotechnology. Their activities address all relevant aspects of industrial fermentation and the processes that define the interaction between those aspects. Participating in this center of excellence will enable ProteoNic to better serve the industry. Moreover, our membership may offer the opportunity to further broaden our UNic™ technology tool box, adding to other yield enhancing practices that are currently applied.”

Kluyver Centre
The Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation is a consortium of Delft University of Technology, the Universities of Leiden, Utrecht and Groningen, Wageningen University, VU University of Amsterdam, TI Food and Nutrition and NIZO food research. It employs microbial genomics to improve microorganisms for use in industrial fermentation processes. Fermentation is used in the production, from renewable feedstocks, of food products and ingredients, beverages, pharmaceutical compounds, nutraceuticals, and fine and bulk chemicals. The research covers five research programmes: Yeast for chemicals, fuels and beverages; Filamentous fungi for proteins and peptides; Lactic acid bacteria for fermented foods and food ingredients; systems biology of industrial micro-organisms, and Industrial genomics for society.  For more information see:

ProteoNic offers products and services for improving recombinant protein expression in industrial and pharmaceutical enzyme production platforms. Its proprietary UNic™ technology is used to enhance the translation of messenger RNA (mRNA) resulting in more protein per mRNA. This leads to significantly higher yields and greater manufacturing flexibility with lower production costs. The company’s activities focus on industry-relevant fungal, yeast, plant and mammalian expression hosts, for which it has developed platform-specific products and services. ProteoNic is the winner of the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Innovative Technology Award. For more information see: