ProteoNic announces collaboration with TNO

Today ProteoNic announces it has entered into a collaboration with TNO to further commercialize and validate ProteoNic’s UNic™ expression technology in mammalian host systems. ProteoNic will provide expertise in construct design and protein expression optimization. TNO will apply this expertise and the UNic™ expression technology to manufacture commercial proteins in CHO cell lines.

“The use of the UNic™ expression enhancement technology has helped us tremendously to increase the efficiency of our protein production and has resulted in substantial cost reductions.” TNO senior investigator Jan Verheijen commented. “One particular advantage was that downstream processing could remain unaltered, enabling a smooth introduction of the optimized process. The UNic™ technology combined with TNO’s proprietary QuickZyme technology platform will give a boost to the development and manufacturing of novel protease activity assays.”

“We are very pleased to intensify our relationship with TNO”, ProteoNic CEO Victor Schut commented. ”We have been working with TNO for several years and have made significant progress thanks to their expertise and professionalism. This collaboration will further strengthen the track record of our UNic™ expression enhancement technology in the biopharmaceutical market. At the same time, we will be able to assist TNO in manufacturing proteins in mammalian host systems in a cost effective way.” CSO Raymond Verhaert welcomes this commercial application of the UNic™ technology. “It’s another milestone for the ProteoNic research team and rewards their commitment to optimize protein expression in the various platforms”

About TNO

TNO is a prominent, independent research and technology organization, whose expertise and research contributes significantly to the competitiveness of businesses and organizations, to the economy and to the quality of life as a whole. Its versatility and capacity to apply this knowledge makes TNO unique. TNO employs about 4.300 professionals. TNO operates in five core areas: TNO Quality of Life, TNO Defense, Security and Safety, TNO Science and Industry, TNO Built Environment and Geosciences, TNO Information and Communication Technology.