ProteoNic and TNO Sign License Agreement

ProteoNic, the protein expression experts, announces
it has entered into a license agreement with the research organization TNO. Last year the parties formalized their collaboration on improving the expression yields of mammalian host systems using the ProteoNic proprietary UNic™ toolbox. In the past year the UNic-MTee™ (one of ProteoNic’s Translation Enhancement Element products) has proven successful in commercial production conditions using suspension CHO cells and serum free medium. TNO therefore, decided to obtain a commercial license for the production of modified pro-urokinase detection enzymes for use in its proprietary QuickZyme technology platform. The financial details of this deal were not disclosed.

ProteoNic’s UNic™ Toolbox offers services and proprietary technologies for enhancing protein expression by optimizing messenger RNA (mRNA). ProteoNic is one of very few companies in the world to address protein expression enhancement through mRNA optimization, instead of the standard DNA transcription methods.
By applying ProteoNic’s technology, TNO has significantly increased its protein yield while reducing its production costs.

TNO Senior Investigator Jan Verheijen: “We are extremely happy to be able to implement the UNic™ technology in the production process of our QuickZyme pro-urokinase detection enzymes. This will not only lead to significant cost reductions, but also allows us to meet the requests of our customers within very short time frames.”

Maurice van der Heijden, Research Manager and Head Mammalian Group at ProteoNic “We are very pleased to support TNO with our translation enhancement technology. TNO convincingly showed that UNic™ and QuickZyme Technologies are fully compatible. Our UNic-MTee™ product has been developed to be widely applicable in mammalian expression platforms. This license confirms that important yield increases can be obtained in the commercial production of enzymaltically active human proteins.”

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