ProteoNic and Oxford ET join forces combining UNic™ with flashBAC™ protein expression platform

March 8, 2011 – Leiden, Netherlands/Oxford, United Kingdom – ProteoNic BV, the protein production experts, and Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd (OET), a leading provider of baculovirus-based protein expression products and services, have joined forces in the field of recombinant protein production technology with the aim of jointly offering a superior platform and services. Several projects combining ProteoNic’s UNic™ translation enhancement elements with OET’s flashBAC™ system have been initiated.

Both companies will be attending the BIO Europe Spring in Milan coming March 14 – 16 where OET will be presenting.

Under the collaboration, the companies will be combining ProteoNic’s award winning UNic™ translation enhancement technology with OET’s flashBAC™ system to further enhance protein yields through the synergistic effect of these two technologies. On its own, UNic™ technology is capable of enhancing protein yields up to ten-fold in mammalian, fungal and yeast production hosts for a range of commercially relevant proteins.

Dr Richard Broadhead, Sales Manager at OET commented: “At OET we always strive to improve our protein expression system in order to obtain even better yields and quality of recombinant proteins. The collaboration with ProteoNic is a perfect strategic fit for us, as ProteoNic’s UNic™ expression technology will further enhance the capabilities of our flashBAC™ system and allow us to access complimentary capabilities in protein production.”

Victor Schut, Chief Business Officer at ProteoNic added: “OET has proven to be one of the leaders in baculovirus protein expression technology. Their flashBAC™ system enables faster, easier and more cost-effective protein production compared to other expression methods. We are proud to team up with them and together develop an even more efficient system. With this collaboration, ProteoNic adds yet another expression platform to its portfolio and benefits from OET’s expertise and track record. Our combined expertise will be of great value to our customers.”

Oxford Expression Technologies
Oxford Expression Technologies is a biotechnology company and centre of excellence for baculovirus protein expression. Specializing in the use of the baculovirus expression vector system, a eukaryotic expression system that can express a large variety of recombinant proteins, Oxford Expression Technologies provides protein expression products, services and consultancy to clients worldwide. The Company’s proprietary flashBAC™ technology enables large amounts of a given protein to be produced in culture. Its internationally renowned expertise and products enable proteins to be produced faster, more easily and cost-effectively using automated and high-throughput methods compared with other baculovirus systems. This contributes to the development of new drugs and research targeted towards understanding how proteins work in health and disease. For more information see

ProteoNic offers products and services for improving recombinant protein expression in pharmaceutical and industrial enzyme production platforms. Its proprietary UNic™ technology is used to enhance the translation of messenger RNA (mRNA) resulting in more protein per mRNA. This leads to significantly higher yields and greater manufacturing flexibility with lower production costs. The company’s activities focus on industry-relevant fungal, yeast, plant and mammalian expression hosts, for which it has developed platform-specific products and services. ProteoNic is the winner of the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Innovative Technology Award. For more information see