ProteoNic and ModiQuest announce collaboration

Today ProteoNic and ModiQuest announce their collaboration on antibody expression in mammalian cell culture for use in diagnostic and therapeutic product development and manufacturing. ProteoNic will provide its expertise in construct design and protein expression optimization. ModiQuest will apply its proprietary vectors systems and expertise in high throughput production of high level expressing mammalian cell lines in combination with the UNic™ expression technology to manufacture its commercial antibodies in mammalian cell lines.

Both companies will be attending the upcoming BIO International Convention, to be held June 17-20 in San Diego. Please visit us at our joint booth as part of the Holland Pavilion (Booth 3135).

Jos Raats, Managing Director ModiQuest commented: “ModiQuest is most pleased with this current collaboration. Implementation of ProteoNic’s expression optimization cassettes will enable us to develop even better expression vectors and will allow faster progress of our therapeutic and diagnostic programs based on biologicals. Moreover, implementation of ProteoNic’s UNic™ expression enhancement technology in our expression systems will enable us to offer fast production of even higher protein expressing cell lines for our own programs and as third party services to our customers.”

“This collaboration is another great opportunity to expand the validation and track record of the application of our UNic™ expression technology in mammalian cell culture”, ProteoNic CEO Victor Schut commented. “ModiQuest’s expertise in antibody expression strongly supports our technology development and experience in optimizing translation efficiency for a relevant group of commercial proteins commonly expressed in mammalian cell lines. Consequently, our collaboration will provide significant added value beneficial to the clients of ModiQuest. We are very pleased to have created a strong and mutually beneficial long term partnership supporting both scientific and commercial goals.”

About ModiQuest

ModiQuest is a young and dynamic biotech company, with a focus on high throughput generation of (recombinant) fully human and animal derived antibodies, especially for use as therapeutics and diagnostics in autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer. ModiQuest generates antibodies from both human and animal origin using a large panel of state-of-the-art technologies, such as B-cell selection and phage display applications.