ProteoNic and Genencor Sign Research Agreement

ProteoNic, the protein expression experts, and Genencor, a Danisco Division, have signed a research agreement. As part of the contract, the two biotech companies will use ProteoNic’s UNic™ Toolbox to investigate enzyme production for Genencor’s fungal expression platforms. ProteoNic will support Genencor in applying the unique protein yield enhancement products.

ProteoNic’s UNic™ Toolbox offers proprietary technologies for enhancing protein expression by optimizing messenger RNA (mRNA). With the support of one of very few companies in the world to address protein expression enhancement through mRNA optimization, instead of the standard DNA transcription methods, Genencor will be in the position to increase its protein yield while saving on production costs.
Casper Vroemen, Head of Genencor’s R&D in the Netherlands: “Genencor is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of industrial enzymes. A research agreement aimed at evaluating ProteoNic’s protein expression enhancing technology perfectly fits in our continuous commitment towards optimizing our bacterial and fungal manufacturing platforms in order to meet the long-term expectations of our customers.”

Victor Schut, Proteonic CEO: “The enzyme market is focused on product quality and competitive pricing. Genencor is a leader in this market, and their decision to team with us to improve the cost structure of their production will allow us to prove our leadership in this field. It will also further substantiate our track record in the field of fungal production systems. This partnership will demonstrate the value of combining molecular biology expertise (mRNA optimization) with extensive experience in large-scale production process optimization.”

About Genencor

Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, is a world leader in industrial biotechnology and a pioneer in enzyme innovation. Genencor improves process and product performance for a spectrum of industries, from biofuels and laundry detergents to animal nutrition and food. As part of a large global organization, Genencor has a manufacturing and distribution network that spans more than 40 countries. In collaboration with customers, technology leaders and other stakeholders, Genencor supplies competitive, biobased solutions. These innovations create value throughout the supply chain, from raw material to finished product.