Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit

PEGS Europe, Lissabon, Portugal – November 2-6, 2015

ProteoNic will give a talk on Thursday November 5 at 14.50pm (Bioproduction stream) as well as present work at the poster session.

Dr Bart Engels will give a talk on ProteoNic’s vectors and elements for GS selection.

Optimization of 2G UNic™ technology for enhanced protein production under GS selection in CHO-S and CHO GS -/- cells.
ProteoNic’s 2G UNic™ technology comprises a set of proprietary genetic elements that improves protein production by acting on transcription as well as on translation. In combination with antibiotic selection or DHFR selection, 2G UNic™ technology routinely results in 2-3 fold increase in expression of a client antibodies or fusion proteins.
Data will be presented on the optimization of 2G UNic™ for implementation in GS platforms. The 2G UNic™ elements for improving protein production can either be inserted into existing (platform) vectors or be provided as complete ready-to-use vectors.