Business model
ProteoNic licenses its proprietary 2G UNic™ technology to companies active in the field of commercial production of biopharmaceutical proteins (e.g. therapeutic proteins, antibodies) or enzymes for industrial applications (e.g. ethanol production, food, feed).

Evaluation license
Before entering into a commercial license, clients may first obtain an evaluation license for a fixed period of time. This allows assessment of the impact of 2G UNic™ technology for specific products in proprietary or preferred production hosts and cell types, under in house conditions. Alternatively, ProteoNic may carry out part or all of the evaluation for specific products.

Commercial license
Following succesful evaluation or in parallel thereto, a commercial license can be provided.
License terms typically include product specific and two milestone fees. Alternative structures for broader licenses, risk-sharing models etc. are available. All licenses are without royalty.