May 27, 2019

Research Technician – Molecular Cell Biology at ProteoNic B.V.


About ProteoNic

ProteoNic is a biotechnology company active in development and licensing of technology for cell line generation and recombinant protein production for pharmaceutical applications. The company’s technology is licensed to a wide range of companies worldwide.


R&D activities are focused on the development of vector technology for high titer protein expression in mammalian cell production systems.

The technician will participate within the team in the R&D activities with a strong focus on hands-on lab work. Daily duties include a wide range of cell culture work, molecular biology activities, biochemical analysis and documentation.


Cell line maintenance, DNA vector production and transfection into mammalian cells, stable pool generation, clone isolation, batch and fed-batch protein production runs, protein characterization and quantitation, documentation.


  • Mammalian cell or tissue culture
  • Molecular biology techniques
  • Analytical techniques
  • Sterile working
  • Stress resistant
  • Team player
  • Open and communicative personality
  • Good English writing and speaking skills
  • High standard of accuracy


BSc (HBO or University) or MSc


Cell Biology, Biotechnology or related field

Working experience

>2 years general lab experience with practical training in cell biology / tissue culture techniques. Basic experience with molecular biology is preferred. Experience at a biotech company is perferred


Full time or part time maternity leave position for 4 – 6 months starting August 2019. Salary is dependent on education and experience.

We offer an opportunity to get hands-on experience with industry standard mammalian production platforms in the exciting R&D environment of an international biotech company.



ProteoNic B.V.
Maurice van der Heijden, Director R&D,                                            +31 71 332 27 27


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