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Product Overview

Production vectors and individual elements to improve existing vectors
The 2G UNic™ toolbox has been developed following the isolation by ProteoNic of a combination of genetic enhancer elements fused for synergistic improvement of protein production. 2G UNic™ boosts recombinant protein production per cell and can be used to increase the production yield of recombinant proteins across a range of different mammalian cell systems.

ProteoNic incorporates its 2G UNic™ elements in expression vectors of your choice, or provides complete 2G UNic™ expression vectors. Furthermore, clients can evaluate 2G UNic™ in house or have ProteoNic generate 2G UNic™ containing cell lines under an outsourcing fee for service contract.


Plug & play
•Vectors and seperate elements enable improved cell line generation
•Complementary to other proven technologies and production elements

Full control by the customer
•No change in process set up
•Short implementation time

Technology benefits
•Increased recombinant protein production levels
•More efficient use of production capacity
•Improves economic feasibility for poorly expressed proteins
•Substantial production cost savings

The 2G UNic™ technology is available for licensing. Two types of license are offered: an evaluation license and a commercial license following successful evaluation of the UNic™ technology. Our license model has a flexible structure and is without royalty.

For more information on evaluation and commercial licenses or cell line development services please contact us.

In addition to a license on the 2G UNic™ technology, ProteoNic offers services in support of implementation and transfer of its protein yield enhancing elements and vectors.